The legalization and use of cannabis has been brought to many states and not only is it used for inhalation, but food, and also infused massages. As I provide cannabis infused massages I would like to share some of the cannabis benefits I researched for those of you who are interested.

One of the easiest and safest way to utilize cannabis is through application such as creams, lotions, and oils. Rather than absorbed into the bloodstream, it is absorbed through the skin. What bloodstream “high” absorption feels like, feels more of like a relaxation effect. The skin is not the only absorption receptor, but also the glands, hair follicles, and nerve fibers.

What cannabis infused products can be applied to the skin?

Creams, lotions, and oils.

What are the cannabis massage benefits?

  • Improves skin health

A more youthful looking glow along with the reduction of acne is what you can achieve. Skin elasticity is a big plus and the movement of the hand to skin contact with increased blood flow.

  • Pain management

An overwhelming amount of feedback has been provided to trusted sources that cannabis infused massages have pain relieving qualities. Benefits such as these can be useful to arthritis and hard working individuals.

  • Treats skin infections

Skin infections can include but are not limited to eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. The properties contained in the cannabis plant treat the skin complications and make existing unnatural appearance fade away.

  • Treats burns

Ointments and creams show significant healing just after a few days of use.

  • Anti-inflammatory treatment

Whether it is a swollen joint, limb, or muscle, inflammation can be reduced after applying cannabis infused products.

Yeden massage therapy benefits:

  • Relaxation Massage

Our swedish relaxation massage uses firm but gentle pressure with massage oil or cream to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension, and increase other health benefits.

  • Hot Stone Massage

Smooth stones are heated and then lubricated with cannabis infused oil or essential oils. The therapeutic effects of heat are used to relax muscles more deeply.

  • Healing Massage

A combination of swedish, deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy. Knots will be worked out, providing you with a healing you can feel.

  • Heal and Restore You, Massage

Similar to the healing massage. We focus on stretching and lengthening muscles, increasing range of motion and flexibility.

  • Medical MMJ Patient

Ranging from a variety of pressure from light to deep, focusing on your needs.

  • Ashiatsu Massage

The deepest deep tissue massage performed by walking on you or working on you just using the therapist’s feet.

. . . and our list goes on!

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