Post Surgery Massage

Major surgery or minor surgery, a painful experience is likely to be expected.  The body reacts either positively or negatively to the surgery, maybe even somewhere in between. Regardless, after anesthesia wears off, the agonizing pain is a full reality.  Massage therapy is recognized more and more by medical practitioners as an important part of healing.

So how does Massage Therapy help with post surgery recovery?  It’s no secret that massage feels amazing, but massage therapy is not a luxury treatment just for relaxation. Reduction in pain, swelling, increased blood and oxygen flow, and lowered amounts of  chemicals that aid in stress and anxiety; All of this is evident from thousands of years of practice.

Surgery, big or small is scary.  Going under the knife as some say does not inspire confidence, right?  No matter how skilled or experienced the surgeon, your body will react to trauma and injury, which surgery must entail.  The British Journal of Anesthesia’s article on the stress response to trauma and injury by J. P. Desborough outlines the extensive research and study devoted to how they body reacts to surgery.  Strenuous efforts have been made to inhibit the stress responses to surgery and evaluate the outcome.  As this article explains, surgeons enthusiastically apply regional anesthesia, and conclude that the bodies response to surgery is ‘unnecessary’.  Not very comforting. Western medicine and practice is very fond of drug and chemicals to alleviate symptoms.  I can not think of a FDA or DEA approved medication that doesn’t have a paragraph of potential side effects.  Not to say don’t take your medication, but take into consideration what else you can do to heal.

Massage therapy is as old as the human race.  A comforting rub from a friend to a practitioner working on a diagnosed problem. Massage therapy as I have extensively written is a wonderful addition to your personal healing and overall health.

Pain relief through massage therapy is achieved through working tight muscles, soothing inflammation, and easing overall stress and anxiety in patients.  A 2012 study among cardiac surgery patients found that massage therapy significantly reduced the pain, anxiety, and muscular tension and improves relaxation and satisfactionThis study’s objective was to determine whether massage significantly reduces anxiety, pain, and muscular tension and enhances relaxation compared with an equivalent period of rest time after cardiac surgery. The feasibility of delivering the treatment, effects on heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate, and patient satisfaction. (PudMed).

The method of how this study was conducted was; elective cardiac surgery patients were randomized to receive massage or rest time at 2 points after surgery.  Visual analog scales were used to measure pain, anxiety, relaxation, muscular tension, and satisfaction.  Heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure were measured before and after treatment.  Focus groups and feedback were used to collect qualitative data.

Through the outcome of this study it was concluded that Massage therapy was extremely effective at reducing, pain, swelling, anxiety, muscular tension and allowing enhanced relaxation.  Massage therapy has also been linked to prevention of excess scar tissue.  By breaking up and preventing excess scar tissue through massage therapy patients find a quicker post-op time.  Internal and external scaring are reduced by the practice of massage therapy after surgery.

Through yet another study conducted on spinal surgery patients it was concluded:  Massage therapy does appear to have positive effects in the reduction of disability.  This study is beneficial for understanding the relationship between massage therapy and clients who have undergone spinal decompression and fusion. The reduction of disability is a powerful statement.  Post op recovery is debilitating enough but the fear of being forever affected is very real.

Treatment for pain just within the United States has 100 million sufferers according to the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies.  Prescription drugs are the second-most abused category of drugs in the United States, following cannabis.  However being in Colorado, cannabis is not an illegal drug.  Studies and the evident Medical Marijuana industry prove that cannabis is utilized to alleviate pain, as well as many more ailments.

Yelena at Yeden Massage Studio in Colorado Springs is taking Massage Therapy and CBD (the non psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) and applying them to patients.  CBD is taking the medical world by storm, and CBD unlike THC and cannabis is legal in all 50 states.  You can purchase and ship CBD products any where within the US. But what does Massage Therapy with CBD infused oil look like?  The ultimate relaxation experience, in my own personal opinion, but also that of others.  Soothing pain, swelling, stress, and anxiety at the source with CBD in the hands of a professional Massage Therapist is the most effective way in my and many others minds.

Surgery is scary.  Recovering is scary and painful, do your self justice and seek all the knowledge and help you can.  Massage Therapy is a wonderful addition to your post op plan and can shorten your recovery time, reduce excess scaring, alleviate pain, stress, swelling, and anxiety.  CBD added to those benefits can double them.  Take your healing into your hands and seek treatment in many forms.  Try massage therapy today!