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P1120457Odds are we all have a friend, family member, or even yourself that can feel a storm coming in their bones. Arthritis. This very common ailment is exacerbated by atmospheric pressure, cold weather, restricted movement, and causes symptoms of achy constant pain in joints and surrounding muscles, swelling, and at the end of all that fatigue.

The most common types of arthritis are Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid arthritis (RA). RA is a autoimmune disease of the synovium that attacks and destroys a joint and its surrounding connective tissue. No one knows the specific cause of RA but there is new evidence of it being hereditary. OA, on the other hand is caused by normal ware and tear on joints and connective tissues and many of us will suffer some form of this at some point in our lives.

Massage Therapy has already been proven to specifically help reduce and manage Arthritic pain. This week I wanted to look closer at a condition that I could spread the word about; Massage therapy’s affect specifically on arthritis pain and symptoms. Through my research I found that studies have been concluding not only is massage therapy comforting and pain relieving when patients are on the table. Improvements in blood pressure, anxiety, stiffness, range of motion, hand grip strength, walking improvement and knee mobility remain after treatment. Additionally trials suggest that massage therapy directly aids in reducing painful symptoms by the production of specific hormones.

CBD oil or crème in the hands of a massage therapist about to massage my stiff fingers and wrists makes me giddy. Inflammation is the cause of pain in joints, whether caused by a false alarm by the immune system or a storm rolling in. As the joint flares and screams for help from the body white blood cells rush in to attack and heal, swelling results as a full body reaction to muscle tension, residual pain and fatigue. CBD oil is a super power for reducing inflammation at the source, the receptors that tell your body its under attack. Soothing these receptors and easing muscle tension allows your therapist to have full access heal to painful joints. Working on a relaxed platform is key for massage therapists and CBD infused products provide these soothing benefits.

After experiencing the improvements of increased mobility, reduced stiffness, reduction in swelling, and pain, many patients use techniques taught to them by their massage therapist. At home massage performed by the patients continue the relief. CBD infused products are available to purchase and ship in all 50 states. What could be simpler and more effective than using a non-psychoactive holistic remedy to treat an age old problem? As many have, get to know CBD oil and crème through massage therapy and find out how truly remarkable the results are!