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Parents and individuals suffering from uncontrollable seizures and epilepsy have been given the hope they need from Cannabidiol. The non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana has spread, leaving parents and individuals clamoring for more information and seeking a chance to utilize this new treatment.

Uncontrollable seizures and their traditional treatments are not kind to the body and mind. Mind numbing medications, brain surgeries, invasive implants, electrical stimulation devices, diets and alternative therapies provide little to no relief from symptoms. ( Weighing the potential harmful effects of aforementioned treatments and the harmful effects of CBD treatments need to be considered by patients suffering from uncontrollable seizure. In many cases, people have no more treatments left to try.

Seizures can be very different for every person but ultimately there are three parts. The aura, or warning, is the first sign of an oncoming seizure and not everyone experiences this warning the same. The second, or ictal phase correlates with the electrical seizure activity in the brain. As the seizure ends, the postictal phase takes place. Some people recover immediately while others take minutes or even hours to feel like themselves again.

Strict restrictions from the FDA and DEA placed on marijuana and its compounds are not enough to stop this revolutionary plant from taking the medical world by storm. Hindering researchers of the marijuana plant and its compounds have not stopped holistic physicians and patients from professionally treating a myriad of ailments.

In a previously entry I outlined the effects of CBD on nerve endings and receptors in the brain and throughout the body. These effects can calm the all encompassing and possibly very dangerous electrical storm that overwhelms the patient. In my own experience, I have witnessed the agony and desperation of friends having seizures, wishing them quick relief from their painful episode.

Moving objects away from them so they don’t hurt them selves, putting a wallet in their mouth to make sure they don’t bite their tongue. Helping them clean themselves after their body was not really theirs any more. It’s scary. I have learned that the motto with many doctors treating patients is ‘no seizures no side effects’. Which is laughable when I see children mentally bulldozed by medication, or when a friend is denied a drivers license due to seizures, even while being medicated.

Here in the State of Colorado we are able to use marijuana recreationally and medically. Even those without medical cards use marijuana for just about anything; to help with mental focus, alleviate depression, anxiety, and so much more. Smoking marijuana is the tip of the iceberg. Concentrates have made their way from dabs to salves and infused products. High CBD containing marijuana is utilized to treat disease without the psychoactive qualities of THC. Using strains with little or no THC, creating CBD oils and salves, MMJ Companies have revolutionized and enabled businesses focused on healing the body and mind. Yeden, a local massage studio in Colorado Springs, is leading the way.

Taking what used to be a luxurious treatment for chronic pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia, Yeden Massage Studio is transforming this practice by incorporating the amazing healing properties of CBD oil into its treatments. Patients that hobble in with the hope of just an hour session of pure bliss are now left with long term healing. Application of CBD oil or crème by a professional massage therapist keeps the pain away and the ability to utilize CBD through drinks, candies, and pills create a gateway for people to help themselves. Taking their treatment and health into their own hands.

In my experience and through my research, the country cannot and will not wait for the FDA and DEA to approve the research needed to prove CBD and medical marijuana are in fact better then the rest. Doctors who realize that the medication and therapies they are taught to push are not working do suggest cannabis when all else fails.

As in many accounts that I research, patients are shocked to be advised by their physician to try regular cannabis use. Strains of Cannabis with high CBD and little to no THC have been proven in many studies to ease over active nerves, inflammation, mental illness, etc. Cases of using CBD to treat epilepsy in adults and children are showing phenomenal results. If every traditional treatment has fallen short, there is still hope, there is a new way to approach healing: CBD.