CBD Pets and Treats


To some of us, pets are as equally as deserving of the same love as humans. To some of us, we would do anything in our power to keep our four-legged hairy friends as happy as can be. If your pet is in need of a calming stimuli or pain-relieving sensation, consider Cannabidiol, informally known as CBD. CBD is a substance that is found in a cannabis plant. With animals being able to endure the same effects as CBD on the body as humans, the multiple receptor locations throughout the body experience relaxing effects.


What CBD can treat for dogs:

  • Seizures
  • Epilepsy
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Low appetite
  • Diseases


There are thousands of success stories related to the prevention of seizures and epilepsy due to CBD. Just like humans, animals experience arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, and more. CBD targets aching joints to give your pet the relief they deserve. If your pet does not eat as often or as much as they should, CBD can boost their appetite.


Situations such as loud fireworks, constant commotion in the household, or anxiety producing outside traffic could possibly have your pet on edge. Animals suffer from depression as well, and CBD can aid your pet into enduring a more relaxed state. If your dog is experiencing the uncomfortable effects of cancer, CBD allows your pet to feel slightly more comfortable with their pain they are enduring. Small daily doses




Just two years ago, CNBC posted a video on their YouTube channel with insightful information and success stories about dog owners and the use of marijuana. With technology advancing extremely fast and resources becoming more available, we are sure that the success stories have tripled and CBD has helped humans and pets all around the world.


Here are two videos uploaded within the past week:





Depending on where you would get your CBD from, some of the diet inclusion methods would be liquid drops, capsules, food, and oil. If your pet is picky with what they eat, drop a few drops of the oil into their water or directly into their mouth.


If you have any success stories of your own or know of a story, please feel free to comment and share your experience. We personally believe that CBD is extremely helpful to those in need of some relief – whether pain or anxiousness.