Living a clean, active, well-balanced lifestyle is a full time job within itself, especially for busy people. Squeezing in some “me time” is crucial for your body, mind, and soul. Failure to keep up with yourself will cause short and long term complications. For those of you who are fighters like myself, fighting away sickness and any health concern that may arise, fighting takes a huge toll of energy and time. We can keep fighting, or we can get creative with alternatives to lower the unpleasant aspects of our lives all while bettering others.

One of the best ways to get your much-deserved relaxation is by enduring a full body massage. A massage can be performed on a wide variety of ages, conducted by both young, middle, and older aged professionals.


What sets YEDEN apart from the rest is the offering of several types of massage services. Limiting my clients to one basic massage offering is not an option. I understand the value of having several options that fit the needs of different bodies, lifestyles, and issues that can and will benefit from my healing hands.

5 Surprising Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Monthly Massage


  • Lower Your Blood Pressure


Most, if not all massage techniques were designed to be practiced in calming environments by calming professionals who are aware of how crucial the goal of the patient is to leave relaxed. Many studies have shown that massage sessions as short as 10-15 minutes may reduce hypertension. This is very important as high blood pressure can take a negative toll on one’s health.


  • Boost Your Mood


It is not just your imagination—you really do feel better after a massage. Think about it . . . you are enduring pleasure, relaxing, releasing negative energy, easing pains and sores, and most importantly, taking care of you. You may not experience a drastic mood change after your first session, but the continuity, especially monthly, will have you feeling better all around.

I have read certain studies which state that individuals who have experienced a minimum of four massage sessions can reduce high measured feelings of worry, tension, fears, insomnia, restlessness, and depression.



  • Experience A Better Sleep


People who suffer from back pain tend to have problems sleeping and enduring everyday normal bodily movements such as bending, sitting, and standing. Monthly massage therapy sessions might help fix that, meaning less trouble falling asleep or the exhaustion stemming from the tossing and turning. A massage also reduces the pain and calls for a higher-quality shuteye, studies have shown.


  • Ease Pain


A massage is a drug free way to ease chronic lower back, knee, arm, shoulder, and any other part of your body that may not be as easy to treat.

Not to get weird here, but for those who may experience frequent pains from being backed up in the bathroom, recurring massages are the better alternative to laxatives. Gastrointestinal symptoms are no joke. Do not put yourself through abdominal pain if you do not have to.


  • Fight off Depression/Sickness


The feel-good effects of a massage may extend deep into your body, deep into the realms of what you feel internally.  We are not saying a massage will cure anything you are experiencing, but it may possibly help alleviate any feeling of sluggishness, back pain, muscle aches, etc.

We offer several massages, including CBD sessions. Choose from a Light, Swedish, Deep tissue or a Neuromuscular therapy session. We focus on creating the massage that is right for you. Whether it is breaking up adhesions or taking out knots, we aim to provide you with healing you can feel, while putting you in a zen state of relaxation.


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