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Massage therapy is medicine! Just like you take your daily vitamins you should be getting your massages weekly or monthly. There is a never ending list of the benefits of massage therapy. I’m sure you’ll find a few good reasons you should be treating yourself more often. 

CBD Products

All of our products at Yeden Hemp Spa are formulated with organically grown, broad spectrum hemp, which means it’s got all the good stuff minus the THC. Our complex extraction process takes out the THC ensuring that none of our products will get you high. We’re proud to say that we support locally owned farms when sourcing our ingredients, we like to keep it in the fam! 


We took our two favorite ways to relax and married them! Massage is so amazing for the mind, body, and soul, it’s so relaxing, and refreshing. Clients often say that they feel renewed after their session.

Then we add CBD oil into the mix and it’s a whole new adventure. The CBD enhances your experience by relieving pain and tightness in your muscles. There are so many benefits to CBD which you can learn more about below…


It can be a struggle to escape our minds when we spend most of our time living in our heads. The mind is such a powerful tool, it’s the decision maker, the CEO, calling the shots. It can’t afford to be cluttered and stressed out. Your thoughts trigger a chain reaction that effects your body and soul. Which can either be a great thing a or a terrible thing depending on how well you take care of your mind. Massage therapy can help you let go of your racing thoughts and worries, and be at peace with yourself and your world. Slow down, take time for deep breaths, and relaxation.


The gift of movement is something we overlook, and take for granted a lot of the time. It’s not until we’re deprived of it or unable to move without feeling pain that we learn to truly value it. Clients who are in pain from chronic injuries have found relief after working with our massage therapists. Massage therapy also loosens and relaxes your muscles helping you reach your body’s full range of motion.


With your mind and body winding down into a state of deep relaxation it’s time to let your soul soar. Few people realize that massage and bodywork can bring about memories, traumas, and other emotions both good and bad. Just like a fragrance can call to mind a memory, so can the right set of body sensation. The unexpressed experiences of past trauma are stored in our muscles and connective tissue. If they’re not unlocked and released it can cause tension, block circulation, and could ultimately lead to pain and disease. Not everyone has an emotional experience during their massage but the memories are being released either way. 



Our CBD Face masks are perfect for a long day after work, or a Self Care Sunday. They hydrate and repair your face leaving it glowing and hydrated.

have you ever tried cupping?

 It looks scary, but it’s not.

Cupping stimulates circulation in your blood by suction that draws impurities to the surface, which alleviates swelling, pain, and tension.