Garden of Yeden


2616 W Colorado Ave
Suite 18

Oxygen Bar

Oxygen Bar? What is that?  Just like you take your daily vitamins you should be making sure you are taking the time breathe. There is a never ending list of benefits to inhaling oxygen and aroma therapy. I’m sure you’ll find a few good reasons you should be treating yourself more often. 

Luxury Candles

Our Candle Ingredients are hand derived. We use Coco Apricot Wax in our products and only the most natural fragrance oils out there. Enjoy our hand poured, in Colorado, clean candles.  


Lounge where people go to inhale pure oxygen to rejuvenate the body, relieve hangovers, headaches, jet lag, increase energy, reduce stress and feel better… we add Aroma Therapy into the mix and it’s a whole new adventure. The Aroma enhances your experience by relieving your sinuses. There are so many benefits to Aroma and Oxygen Therapy which you can learn more about below…